The Kitchen Is On Fire

Today on TickyOff, the TO2 begin with no energy, a frog orgy, a roti to the face of a small screaming child and some really interesting hat chat. With a power start like this, there’s only one way to go, up. Up in a lift, as Sam rambles on about lifts in restaurants for way too long.

The reason behind all these elevator mouth sounds is soon revealed when this week’s guest arrives. Patrick Powell is the chef behind Allegra in Stratford and Allegra has itself a fine lift situation. Fortunately for all concerned lift chat is soon left behind and three mouths in three human faces begin sounding out human words concerning treating your staff right, inspiration from Melbourne, celery and the up and coming great restaurants of Ireland.

Patrick dishes up tales from his days as head chef at The Chiltern Firehouse including Bono trying to find the toilet and Bruce Springsteen’s deep fascination with restaurant HVAC systems. Patrick also discusses opening Allegra, building a great kitchen, Star Trek, and bungee jumps.

Finally there’s just enough time for a walking tree, a little man in the snow and banshees screaming in the sky.

This week's episode is sponsored by wine myths and legends

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