The Kitchen Is On Fire
Ep 12: Breaking Biscuit

It's Christmas. The London restaurant scene's St. Nicholas, aka Thomas Blythe, joins Sam and James to discuss St. John, Inception (again), Dudley Moore, and backed-up plumbing. Was Dr. Crippen really a good man? Can you wear an eel like a stole? And what exactly does 'breaking the biscuit' mean?

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Episode 11 finds our heroes assessing the connection between Gordon Ramsay, Scarface, and Danny Champion of the World. Sam heads to France on a hellish, egg-filled journey that ends at Bones, Frenchie, and Spring. James finds his early catering notebooks. Sam complains about the end of the Usual Suspects (SPOILER ALERT). And there's another round of the Wheel of Misfortune Cookie featuring the Verve. It's just another day on the TKIOFfice.

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Ep 10: Can You Trust a Tim?

Guardian restaurant critic Marina O'Loughlin is on the show. She has a curious voice. James and Sam wonder whether or not you can trust someone called Tim, get stuck in a weird time warp, and ponder the melancholy of Timothy Dalton.

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A chill winter evening, and Sam and James are hunkering down with the caramel-voiced Radio 4 announcer Susan Rae, a large glass of scotch, and a hunk of salami. They ponder whether less really is more, discuss the diet secrets of the Radio 4 and the perils of burping on stage, and ask: how appropriate is it to send a picture of your penis?

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After dinner and several drinks, Sam and James settle in for a debate on pizza, caramel, and Nobu's racist fish. What's the connection between Culture Club and quiche? Is Sam an Everyman or a snake? Is Chris Martin a mad anti-Semite? 
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Ep 7: The Indiscriminate Ear Licker

Episode 7 finds James and Sam discussing whether or not there's an audiobook of Mein Kampf, a face off with Simon Rimmer, Mary Berry's ear, and the perils of being the only boy in a ballet class. They also eat some haggis. 

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Sam and James discuss Gwyneth Paltrow, tripe, Stanley Tucci and cookbooks for old men. 

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James finds himself at a farmers' market in San Francisco and in Portland interviewing Andrew Fortgang of Le Pigeon restaurant. Sam talks about Roger Moore and dead dogs. 

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Our dastardly duo discuss Moro vs Yotam, Trip Advisor idiocy, Michael Jackson themed arcade games and Pizza Express.

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In which James and Sam discuss Cher, autumnal food, Yelp reviews and confuse their own origin story with that of Batman.

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James and Sam discuss condiments and ketchup bans. Sam tells a foul tale of vol-au-vents and FidoDido. James travels through time in the first installment of culinary adventure game 'Restaurant Raider!'

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The first episode of the Kitchen Is On Fire, in which James and Sam discuss Soylent, eggs, and Phileas Fogg. 

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