The Kitchen Is On Fire

Today on the damn TickyOff cook and author Jack Monroe is back. Jack reveals all about their hashtag #jackmonroeslockdownlarder and what’s been going on at Tin Can Cook HQ since the coronavirus lockdown began. It seems to involve twenty one hour work days, an undercut rapidly growing out of control and the wearing of many hats. Jack also discusses maintaining their sobriety during this crisis, why stewed steak is a great product and wondering why the Daily Mail is now being nice.

Before Jack arrives via the digital ether, James and Sam go deep on their initial experiences of lockdown with their respective families, homeschooling victories and failures, the Diego Maradona documentary and what James found when he cleared out under the stairs.

There’s also time for Sam’s hair to reach ridiculous proportions, James quotes a great joke by a disgraced comedian and they all wonder just how people are managing to keep up affairs while confined to their houses.

It’s TickyOff, and whatever happens, it’ll survive.

Today’s episode is sponsored by wine pedlars for the end of days

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