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Revolutionary moments happen rarely in life. This week could well be one of them however. This week The TickyOff Boyz are releasing, for the very first time in TickyOff history, Episode 220. They have never before released the two hundred and twentieth episode of the podcast. That’s right, this week, history is made. Be there at the birth of something incredible. Download this episode and become pioneers, brave voyagers, the lucky few on the cutting edge of cultural achievement. We are thankful, mainly to ourselves and I guess a tiny bit to you, that we have reached this totemic moment in human discourse.

This week, chef, man of nature, author, tv chap and all round lovely tall fellow Valentine Warner is here and he’s talking the Lofoten Islands in Norway, snow grouse, art college, Alistair Little and bizarre goings on involving goats, an octopus and a sawmill. It’s nothing if not highly erotic. Valentine also gets very honest on grieving, divorce, and moving on from television.

Before Valentine arrives James and Sam yap egg pellets, asteroids and doctors of the penis. There’s also time to pitch Netflix on The TickyOff Show, why the Obamas are bored, homemade stock discussion and an eerie tale of a ghostly deer in the woods.

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The greatest night in podcast history lies before your ear holes. Mouth sounds delivered with panache, aplomb and lets be very honest here, a semi-raw eroticism.
The TickyOff Awards 2020. A recording which will no doubt go down in the annals of humankind. Whatever ‘annals’ are.
Sam is wearing a delightful couture gown. James, a horsehair tuxedo. Together they raise the art of award show hosting to levels hitherto unknown by homosapiens.

Before the awards begin The TickyOff Boyz also deliver firm opinions and magnetic personality in the first TickyOff AUA (That's an 'Ask Us Anything', dummies)

Expect runners, riders, a food world Royal Rumble, an attack by a sea beast, a delightful bucolic lunch and a huge upset in the Best Potato Dish category which makes the whole ‘Moonlight’ and ‘La La Land’  Warren Beatty kerfuffle look like something... very small and unimportant indeed.

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Yeah yeah, it’s TickyOff again. It’s another week, another episode, yet another glittering aural extravaganza that has put James and Sam on the covers of Time Magazine, Pulitzer Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Nuts, Railway Modeller, Playgirl and The Chichester District Council in-house quarterly. Verbal performances at this level have also seen The TickyOff Two hosting world events such as The Oscars, The Grammys, Rear Of The Year and that restaurant magazine one sponsored by a Spanish beer company that they never get invited to…

This week begins very strangely as James calls Sam ‘mate’, which he has never ever done. It’s weird but they push on into organ donation, Egyptian death rituals and a horrific toad in the hole that James made.

Then author of ‘The Flavour Thesaurus’ and ‘Lateral Cooking’, Niki Segnit arrives and things take a turn towards parenting twins, recipe genealogy and the benefits of using cup measurements. They also discuss James's very odd 1950’s breakfast set-up, Niki’s vast and deep seated Radiohead obsession and the zen that can be found in utter boredom. Furthermore, a real gang of folk are discussed including David Foster Wallace, John Nash, John Lanchester and Nicole Kidman.

All this plus, vampires vs werewolves, ‘Shallow Grave’ and why Baileys is proper underrated.

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It’s a low energy start for Thee TickyOff Boyz this week. James deep dives into a steaming bowl full of pommes aligot while Sam has again been watching far too many films. They discuss cold rice, drinking paraffin and drinking tequila. Sam also finds time to take a few more swings at a friend of the podcast for a shoddy salad recipe.

Then Tim Siadatan of Trullo and Padella fame shows up and things get deep on the excitement of pre-opening a restaurant, new kit giddiness, following up a hit and the benefits to biding your time with expansion. Tim also reveals his stoned-golf playing days, the all round good vibes of Jamie Oliver and his heady days as a microwave chef in a Reading shopping centre.

These three mouths go on to mouth off on whether or not The River Cafe is a rip-off, why horses can only kick with their back legs, Annie Lennox, Freddie Krueger and Lee Tiernan. PLUS there is yet more goddamn cacio e pepe discussion….

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TickyOff is back! Back with a new episode after last week’s episode of TickyOff. That is correct. Your ears do not deceive you. TickyOff has returned seven days after it was last within your ears. It is truly un be god damn lievable….

This week we begin with a strange few minutes of yap involving Dr Dolittle, Grayson Perry, Daniel Day Lewis and Roald Dahl. Baffling, inane, nonsensical perhaps, but classic TickyOff all the same.
Then hospitality PR titans Gemma Bell and Alice Grier of Gemma Bell And Company arrive and both the verbal wheels and the chat gloves come off.

Gemma and Alice patiently explain the whats, whys and whens of the world of PR from how to be a good client to a deep dive into how the London restaurant world has changed over the last ten years. Sam compares restaurants to old dogs needing haircuts, James explains all about his beloved out-of-office email manoeuvres and all four corners of this incredible…. babble cube eat cakes from Ottolenghi.

All this plus, lonely farmers, the heady days of Marco Pierre White’s Titanic restaurant, weird boots, ‘Pretty Woman’ and an extremely unimpressive idea for a new barbershop based business.

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