The Kitchen Is On Fire

James has shaved his head. It looks decent. Sam has recently eaten a saveloy in a mildly disturbing manner. And with a foundation like that, how could The TickyOff Boyz fail to deliver yet another episode of podcastical genius?
Spoiler alert, they don’t fail. It’s an absolute aural triumph that the world should be very grateful for indeed.
Today they are ably assisted by food writer Jonathan Nunn. Jonathan discusses lockdown forcing him back into the kitchen, his fear of baking and how much weight he’s lost since being unable to dine out every night.
He also talks about Vittles, his newly launched food newsletter, why the sourdough trope is ultimately a good thing and why platforming new voices in food is vital.
There’s also time to discuss a controversial piece, the slow destruction of London communities and what in all hell anyone hopes the food world will or could look like post Coronavirus.

This week’s episode is sponsored by wine wanderers across London

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