The Kitchen Is On Fire

The second episode in yer ears this week was recorded, in a first for TickyOff Technologies, via Zoom. So forgive the occasionally ratty sound quality, we’ll get better. One positive is, for anyone who dislikes James, his signal sucked so he vanishes for large swathes of the pod. However he does then pop up near the end with an absolute worldy of a zinger concerning Richard Gere.

In the midst of this technological ballyhoo, praise be to writer, restaurateur, journalist and all round legend Tim Hayward who shows up virtually to regale all, and indeed sundry, with word from his family bakery Fitzbillies in Cambridge, project dishes and the sheer joy of creative labour.

There’s obviously a bit of early coronovirus chat but then these three digitally united mouths make digitally transmitted mouth sounds on a bunch of calming and actually pretty damn interesting topics such as the origin of tuna melts, the wonder of an assembly line and also, why TickyOff is so damn vital in a time of crisis.

This week’s episode is sponsored by wine suppliers to locked down folk everywhere

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