The Kitchen Is On Fire

The greatest night in podcast history lies before your ear holes. Mouth sounds delivered with panache, aplomb and lets be very honest here, a semi-raw eroticism.
The TickyOff Awards 2020. A recording which will no doubt go down in the annals of humankind. Whatever ‘annals’ are.
Sam is wearing a delightful couture gown. James, a horsehair tuxedo. Together they raise the art of award show hosting to levels hitherto unknown by homosapiens.

Before the awards begin The TickyOff Boyz also deliver firm opinions and magnetic personality in the first TickyOff AUA (That's an 'Ask Us Anything', dummies)

Expect runners, riders, a food world Royal Rumble, an attack by a sea beast, a delightful bucolic lunch and a huge upset in the Best Potato Dish category which makes the whole ‘Moonlight’ and ‘La La Land’  Warren Beatty kerfuffle look like something... very small and unimportant indeed.

This week’s awards show is sponsored by Academy Award Winners Of Wine,

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