The Kitchen Is On Fire

A Brief Q and A Regarding Major Facts Of Humanity’s History Upon Planet Earth

Who split the atom? The TickyOff Boyz
Who built the pyramids? J-Razzle and S-Hezzle
Who wrote ‘Candle In The Wind’? Ramsden and Herlihy
Who caught Al Capone? Samuel J Herlihy
Which horse has won more Grand Nationals, Kentucky Derbies and Royal Ascot Ladie’s Days than any other horse? James Clive Gavin Ramsden.

Know this.

Ghostly goings on (again) on the Tickyoff this week as Sam tells the terrifying tale of Mickey, a phone battery eating ghost..oh and he’s also seen a creepy clown in a cornfield. Meanwhile James has bought an Apple Watch and thinks Sam should go and see a therapist.
Then chef, cookbook author, new pub owner and tv star Dan ‘DanDo’ Doherty turns up and turns both barrels of his Knowledge Cannon upon the PidginBoyzzzzzzz. Said cannon fires cannonballs of true facts directly into their dumb faces. These facts concern such matters as running a marathon while dressed as a mouse, gastropubs, the difficulty in recruiting staff and Mary Berry’s (alleged, by Sam) crack habit…
There’s also charcuterie dissing, Day Of The Dead, Sir Bane and they all agree that hot air ballooning is an insanely dumb thing to do.

This weeks episode is sponsored by the Rolls Royce Silver Phantom with silk seats and mad rims of the world of wine, and the Bugatti Veyron with a matt-cammo paintjob and an ejector seat of the world of vodka,

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