The Kitchen Is On Fire
Ep 10: Can You Trust a Tim?

Guardian restaurant critic Marina O'Loughlin is on the show. She has a curious voice. James and Sam wonder whether or not you can trust someone called Tim, get stuck in a weird time warp, and ponder the melancholy of Timothy Dalton.

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A chill winter evening, and Sam and James are hunkering down with the caramel-voiced Radio 4 announcer Susan Rae, a large glass of scotch, and a hunk of salami. They ponder whether less really is more, discuss the diet secrets of the Radio 4 and the perils of burping on stage, and ask: how appropriate is it to send a picture of your penis?

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After dinner and several drinks, Sam and James settle in for a debate on pizza, caramel, and Nobu's racist fish. What's the connection between Culture Club and quiche? Is Sam an Everyman or a snake? Is Chris Martin a mad anti-Semite? 
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Ep 7: The Indiscriminate Ear Licker

Episode 7 finds James and Sam discussing whether or not there's an audiobook of Mein Kampf, a face off with Simon Rimmer, Mary Berry's ear, and the perils of being the only boy in a ballet class. They also eat some haggis. 

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Sam and James discuss Gwyneth Paltrow, tripe, Stanley Tucci and cookbooks for old men. 

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James finds himself at a farmers' market in San Francisco and in Portland interviewing Andrew Fortgang of Le Pigeon restaurant. Sam talks about Roger Moore and dead dogs. 

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Our dastardly duo discuss Moro vs Yotam, Trip Advisor idiocy, Michael Jackson themed arcade games and Pizza Express.

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In which James and Sam discuss Cher, autumnal food, Yelp reviews and confuse their own origin story with that of Batman.

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James and Sam discuss condiments and ketchup bans. Sam tells a foul tale of vol-au-vents and FidoDido. James travels through time in the first installment of culinary adventure game 'Restaurant Raider!'

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The first episode of the Kitchen Is On Fire, in which James and Sam discuss Soylent, eggs, and Phileas Fogg. 

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