The Kitchen Is On Fire (general)
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Sam and James continue to mine the very depths of human inquiry with their restless and curious minds, pondering hare krishna here, discussing Lady and the Tramp there. We have groundbreaking discussions about soylent, the difference between maceration and marination, and the fellatio cafe due to open in London. Sam was shouted at in a supermarket carpark. James says 'virgin' rather too much. What is the Pidgin motto?What did Italian police do to a lonely old couple? And was everybody, actually, kung fu fighting?

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In which the silliest of billies discuss a bbq at John Torode's house, whether or not 'mummy' is a PC term, a witch's cottage and black coloured food.

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Things kick off with a ripping discussion on whether or not Mark Rylance could have played E.T. or Jaws. Conversation moves on to pondering weird food habits of the rich and famous, sexism, and potatoes. There's a cavolo nero update. Sam has developed a seafood allergy. James wants to be buried at sea after being fired from a human cannon. Margot wants to eat crab in prison. Can you eat a stickleback? How long does a fly's lifetime feel? How do you shoot a cow? Find out this week.

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Our dastardly duo discuss Moro vs Yotam, Trip Advisor idiocy, Michael Jackson themed arcade games and Pizza Express.

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In which James and Sam discuss Cher, autumnal food, Yelp reviews and confuse their own origin story with that of Batman.

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James and Sam discuss condiments and ketchup bans. Sam tells a foul tale of vol-au-vents and FidoDido. James travels through time in the first installment of culinary adventure game 'Restaurant Raider!'

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The first episode of the Kitchen Is On Fire, in which James and Sam discuss Soylent, eggs, and Phileas Fogg. 

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