The Kitchen Is On Fire

Is it small? No it is not. It is in fact a gargantuan beast of a pod featuring a second visit by the impeccable, implacable, impossible, Grace Dent! In an exclusive first chat following her cruel ousting* of Marina O'Loughlin as Guardian restaurant critic, Grace tells the TKIOF-Bros all about watching Hawkwind, a vampire, just how dreamy John Torode is and also opens up about her struggles to leave her giant L-shaped sofa. Sam backs Buble, whatever the cost. James has a beautiful voice. Sam and James abandon their dogs. Grace, James and Sam start a band. Plus, Grace plays the Geography Game, they all hang out at Claire Balding's house during the apocalypse and Grace Dent wonders why in all hell James and Sam would even bother to still record the podcast...

There is a pile of Sam, a stack of James, and enough Grace to fill every Premier Inn in the land. Three big names, one podcast, many topics. And a Lion Bar.

*this is untrue. Though it is an exclusive! That part is true. Honest!

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